Alterations FAQ'S

We have several in-house seamstresses and are happy to organise an alterations appointment for you. Alterations need to start 6-8 weeks before the wedding (more time is needed for specialised custom alterations). This is an optional service for all our customers.

It depends very much on what you need done and how detailed your dress is. However, you can typically expect 2-3 fitting appointments with your seamstress.

This is a super common question but very difficult to answer. It is dependent on multiple factors: how your dress fits you when it arrives, the detailing (lace, beading etc.) on the dress, the materials, seams etc. Upon purchase of your gown, we can provide you with a price list which gives you approximations of costs. However, your seamstress will give you an accurate quote before she starts work on your dress.

All alteration work must be paid for upfront and in full to the seamstress assigned. Please be aware that our seamstresses are independent and payments need to be made directly to them.

No, not at all. This is an optional service for our customers, and most of our brides choose to have their dresses altered at Bromley Brides. However, you are welcome to take your gown elsewhere or alternatively, choose to have a consultation appointment with a seamstress at a fee of £25. During a consultation, the seamstress will pin your gown, and provide you with a quote. After talking to your seamstress and receiving the quoted amount, you can either choose to either go ahead with the assigned seamstress at Bromley Brides or pay £25 for their time and take your dress elsewhere for alterations.

Please make your seamstress aware if you are planning on changing weight so that you can discuss options and timelines. If you don’t let your seamstress know, she will pin your gown to your size at your initial fitting appointment, provide a quote, and expect payment based on this alteration. If further alterations due to weight loss or gain become necessary, it will incur an additional charge.