General FAQ's

A safe time frame is 12 months before your wedding day. However, we have helped brides whose weddings are two weeks away, and those who have weddings in 3 years’ time. What is important to keep in mind, is that most wedding dresses take about 6 months to be manufactured, and you need to give yourself time to find your perfect dress, for delivery, alterations, and the curveballs that life may throw our way.

We strongly recommend that you book an appointment. Walk-ins are certainly welcome, but we are unable to guarantee an available changing room as we are often fully booked.

Your beautiful self. The only thing we recommend (but it is in no way essential), is nude, seamless underwear. You will usually be asked to remove your bra to try on the dresses, but if you would prefer to keep your bra on, strapless and nude will work best.

It is just a matter of space. We have two bridal suites within the main shop (one downstairs and one upstairs), and each suite can seat three guests comfortably. If you would like to bring more guests (up to 5 people), please book a Wonder Room appointment which is completely private and has additional seating.

We absolutely love children at Bromley Brides! However, we do ask that children under 10 years old do not attend on weekends, as it is often very busy. During weekday appointments, please feel free to bring your little ones along, but if you have children under age 10 attending, please let us know in advance. 

We do also ask our mums to be aware this is a bridal shop with clamps, pins, stairs, scissors etc. so please make sure that there is someone available to keep an eye on them.

A charge is in place as weekend slots are in high demand and a fee ensures that brides who are serious about finding their wedding dress, get an appointment with us. We offer a one-on-one styling and consultation service so that you receive our full attention and styling advice.

To order a dress in new, the prices start at £1,100 and go up to £7,500. However, most of our dresses fall in the range of £1500 to £2000. If you’re looking for a dress under £1,100 at Bromley Brides, you may want to consider one of our beautiful sample wedding dresses in our sample sale.

Yes! Please have a look at the Wedding Party tab for information and FAQ’s regarding dressing those special ladies in your life.

We have got you covered from head-to-toe! We have veils, hair pieces and tiaras, jewellery, underskirts and hoops, underwear, shoes, and garters. Please ask in-store for further information about the availability of various items, and/or book an accessories’ appointment.

We will guide you through the whole process at the time of purchase. However, here is a quick rundown: We measure you, find the right size for you, fill out the paperwork regarding all the dress details, run through the terms and conditions of purchase, take 50% of the balance upfront, and then talk through timelines for the payment of the balance and delivery.

Your purchase is non-refundable. Please, please, be absolutely sure before you order your wedding dress. Once your dress order is processed with the designer, it cannot be undone and the balance on your chosen dress will still be due. If you’re having second thoughts, please contact us immediately. There may or may not be anything we can do, but it means that we can try to help you and/or be there for you to talk you through options.

It may do, but typically alterations will be needed. Dresses are ordered based on standardised sizes. However, we are all unique and few of us fit into textbook sizes. For example, a person may be a size 12 around the bust, a size 10 around the waist, and a size 14 around the hips. If this person was ordering a fitted dress, we would have to order according to her biggest measurement (her hips). We would therefore order a size 14, and the dress would have to be altered to fit her waist and hips.

No, unfortunately not. Please be aware of this and keep aside money in your budget for alterations.