Sample Sale FAQ's

Sample dresses are wedding dresses that arrive new in-store and are tried on by brides during bridal appointments. These wedding dresses help brides decide on which dress they want to order in new for themselves.

Wedding dresses are placed on sale for two reasons 

  1. The dress style has been discontinued by the designer and is no longer available to order
  2. We need to make space in-store for new wedding dress collections
  • They are great for the budget conscious bride who wants a beautiful designer gown at a reduced cost. 
  • It makes sense to go for a sample gown if your wedding is within the next 4 months as this usually means that there is not enough time to get a new wedding gown ordered in. 
  • A bride may get lucky and find her perfect dress in the sample section that suits her size and budget.
  • A bride may want to use a sample dress as a base on which to make multiple alterations for a truly unique piece. 
  • Lastly, there may be a bride who wants a dress that has been discontinued by the designer, and the sample dress is the last of its kind.

Unfortunately, we do not hire out wedding dresses at Bromley Brides. 

Some wedding dresses are in perfect condition, and others have various degrees of wear and tear. The price of the dress is reflective of the original cost of the dress and the condition it’s in. The cost of dry-cleaning and/or repairs falls on the customer.

Bromley Brides are happy to organise the cleaning of the sample wedding dress and will provide a quote for the cleaning cost. For alterations/repairs, we have in-house seamstresses available.

Depending on the wedding dress in question, and how big or small the sample dress is, alterations can be done to make a dress fit. Typically, wedding dresses can be reduced by two sizes without affecting the dress structure or integrity, and/or increased by one dress size.

Sample wedding dresses are sold as seen. The dress therefore needs to be accepted in the colour, size, and state in which it is seen. The onus of any damage or cleaning costs is on the customer. Sale dresses are strictly non-refundable.

Sample dresses are paid for upfront and in full. They are non-refundable. Your dress can be taken home with you on the day of purchase. Alternatively, you can pay a storage fee if you would like to store your dress at Bromley Brides where it will be looked after and fully insured.